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As we all settle into autumn, now seems like a good time to update everyone on some of the progress we have made at Camp Stigwandish this year as well as some items in the works.

Spring was wet and we got a late start, but the massive undertaking of replacing the main culvert in camp was completed in early June. The new culvert is 120' long and the road has been widened by 12' and raised 16". This $60k plus investment has allowed for safer access to camp while stopping major erosion concerns. A great investment for our future!

New furniture has been added to many of our buildings and the process of replacing mattresses has begun.

In September over 50 Avery Denison employees joined us for a work day at camp. A company commitment to giving back to the community while completing a sustainable project was the focus. Two projects were identified and completed. In the front of camp between Ross Road and Bass Lake native prairie restoration was started. Thousands of milkweed and native flowering nectar seeds were planted in an effort to support Monarch Butterflies and Honey Bees. While restoring the native prairie a much needed ecological element was brought to our camp. Trails to both the Rifle Range and Nature Center were cleared and a durable surface laid down on the trails.

During the Wilderness Engineers work weekend on October a new slate of projects were started. All four cabins had roof leaks repaired and cabin 2 had the ceiling replaced. A new stove was installed in the Campmaster building. The much needed remodeling and upgrading of our Dining Hall and Kitchen began. The Dining Hall was cleaned and the kitchen appliances and other equipment were removed. Thanks to the tremendous support of Manitowoc Foodservice, new equipment is awaiting installation. Remodeling will continue throughout fall and early winter with the goal of a new and functionable kitchen available for our winter scouting events.

The Order of the Arrow weekend at camp just finished and we are proud to say that the service projects completed by the OA went very well. The White Trail was cleared and safety checked and foot bridges installed. The Nature Center was emptied and completely cleaned and looks terrific.

Through partnerships with our scouting units a new Archery Range is progressing. Plans are in the works for additions and upgrades to the fishing docks. Also in the works is Memorial Trail to consolidate commemorative markers in a central location in camp.

Although infrastructure is not always noticeable, it is always an area of emphasis. Considerable electrical and water work has been performed to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Moving forward we continue to work with the EPA and the Lake County Building and Health Departments on plans for a water treatment plant on camp property.

This fall emphasis is being placed on roads and parking lot improvements. This project will be ongoing and begins with the thinning of trees along roads to allow sunlight to dry the roads prior to replacing culverts and the road surface. Trees encroaching on the roads and our buildings will be removed to promote safety and control erosion. Road improvement is a lengthy process and will begin along the cabin road. Any proceeds from tree removal will be put directly into road repair and upgrades. Along with tree cutting the Lake Erie Council will be purchasing 500 trees for spring planting on the Wilderness Engineer weekend on May 4,5 & 6. Mark your calendar now and come out and plant with us.

Much more exciting news will be coming in the months ahead. For now, a big and much deserved Thank You goes out to all of the volunteers that have helped, and those that soon will help to make Camp Stigwandish a terrific destination. It is exciting to see the smiles of camp visitors when they see the commitment to the future being made for Camp Stigwandish, our Scouts, Scouters and the Lake Erie Council.

Online Donations Now Accepted

We are excited to announce that the Thrive Stigwandish foundation can now accept donations electronically via PayPal. PayPal is a safe and secure service, and as always, your support of the foundation is tax deductible. For more information, please visit the donate page.

Thrive Foundation T-Shirts

Would you like to show your Camp Stigwandish pride and support the Thrive Stigwandish Foundation at the same time? If so, we have just the shirt for you! Head to the t-shirt page to view the shirt and place your order.Camp Stigwandish T-shirts are coming soon!

A better website is on its way!

The Thrive Stigwandish Foundation is excited to bring you our new mission and vision! We will be updating our website with all the changes to our organization, our local Boy Scout Council, and Camp Stigwandish! Thank you for your patience as we reimagine our future and the future of Camp Stigwandish.

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