Thrive Stigwandish Foundation Projects

Camp Stigwandish is a living, vibrant place made up of over 300 acres of traditional and creative programmable space. There are trails, lakes, fields, streams, hills, cliffs, swamps and gullies; all for the adventurer to explore.

Generations have created memories, personal ties, and unforgettable experiences. It is a place open to all and available for the asking. It is from these memories that many dedicated individuals have pledged their time, their money and their effort in order for Camp Stigwandish to continue.

The Thrive Stigwandish Foundation receives donations from those intending to pass the heritage of Camp Stigwandish on to future generations. Recently Lake Erie Council has made an investment in a new culvert between the parking lot and main camp areas. Significant grading roadway improvements, electrical and safety upgrades have been performed.

Every time someone lends a hand, our camp is that much closer to being revitalized. Volunteers improve the usefulness and programmability of the camp and lessen the expense. Help us by placing your time, talents and contributions toward Camp Stigwandish!

Thrive Stigwandish Foundation is working with our Lake Erie Council to bring you the following projects:

Coming Soon!

Camp Stigwandish is going GaGa! That's right! A new GaGa Pit is coming to Camp Stigwandish. Look for it near the Campmaster Office on your next visit!

A dedicated Archery area! Building on what was recently started, Thrive will be partnering with the Headwaters District to bring you an amazing archery area! This is a longer term project. More to follow!

A new "Welcome" pavilion. Thrive is researching the construction of a new pavilion to be attached to the Trading Post. A usable, covered space to welcome campers, hold program activities and teach. This is substantial project and will be ongoing.

New Roadway from Parking Lot....
New Culvert ....
New Culvert End....
New Roadway from Camp....